Thursday, March 10, 2011

Song - What I've Done

 Today  , 10th of March 2011 in class we had done a presentation on the song of our group's choice. My group members presented on the song by Linkin Park which is ' What I've Done". This song depicts the main issue which is the destruction that's happening in the world right now. From the video clip of this song it can be seen that famine and poverty is getting rampant in the poor countries like Africa which leads to helath problems among the children.  Besides , the natural disaster is also seen in the song videoclip. The effects of global warming has lead to the melting of the ice in the North Pole. Besides that, other issues such as pollution and human rights' are also being stressed in this song. Basicly, this song is reminding us of what we have done and the effects of our mistakes which had lead to the destruction of life.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Similarities between Hitler's speech and Churchill's speech.

One of the similarities that can be seen in both the speeches is the use of language. Both the speeches uses the pronoun I and We, to persuade their listeners. The use of " I " shows the authority that the speaker is trying to possess in order to deal with the people of his country. The use of " we" in the speech also shows the unity that both the speakers are trying to create with the people of the nation and to fight for their rights.
       Besides that, the speech acts used by both the speakers also influenced the people to hear their speeches. For example, the voice projection of the speakers was loud and could be heard clearly. They had confidence in themselves when they were saying their speeches. Their persuasion technique was good. Hitler and Churchill tried to show their people that they tried to make peace with their enemies, but the enemies refused them.  Another thing is that both the speakers condemn their opponents but they do it in a manipulative way.

Animal Farm

The animated movie, Animal Farm is an interesting movie to me because of the storyline and the characters in the story. The story is about how a group of animals come up with a plan to provide  themselves with the rights they deserve. Since i am taking the B. Ed TESL course, i have to be aware of the issue that i have to face in school later if ever the students face any  problems. I as a teacher, have to be fair and equal to all my students so that they will be able to be a good and responsible citizens. During my school days, there were some of my teachers who were with good leadership qualities and they taught and guided us through the challenges that we were facing in schools. After watching this movie, i have learnt that a leader has the power to either break or bring together a community. A leader needs to have a good leadership qualities in order to support his community and people.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monalisa Smile

This movie is very entertaining to me plus also educational. It taught me all the strategy that a teacher need to use to engage the students in their learning process. For example the teacher in this movie used pictures in order to engage students in discussions. She also encouraged the students to have more freedom in themselves and not just stick to the normal society's rules, for example, getting married after successful finishing the semesters. She showed pictures to the students about the roles of a woman and relate it to the students' life. Besides that, she also motivated the students in her classroom. One of her students wanted to do law and gave her the application form to pursuit her dreams.
        The teachers in of whom i know in the past, had some of this qualities in them while teaching us English. I remember my teacher used her facial expression to recite the poem she was going to teach us. Besides, she also showed us some videoclips to get our full attention towards her lessons. It was interesting.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lean On Me.

Last Monday me and my classmates watched another movie titled " Lean On Me ". The movie was interesting but there was a lot of shouting and noise going on in the movie. Anyway , the movie was entertaining to me. It descibed the character and attitude of adolescents who are having disciplinary problems in school and how later the principal tries to educate and bring back the motivation to turn over a new leaf.
      As I am taking this B.Ed Tesl course now, it has certainly affected my thoughts and feelings towards educating the students in future. As a teacher I have to be more serious and strict in dealing with rebellious students. However, I still have to maintain a good rapport with them so that we respect each other. If I would want to relate this to the teachers in the past, I feel that my teachers in the past have done an excellent work in educating and motivating and disciplining the students who are stubborn or students with other problems matters such as financial problem or peer pressure even family conflict.
       One of the lesson that I have learnt after watching this movie is that sometimes in order to teach or educate a student, one must be able to challenge the students behaviour by making sure they follow the rules and be stern with them so that they become more obedient.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Question of Dowry & Everything's Arranged

 Last week for Dr. Jayakaran's class we had to do a presentation on the two short stories that we read which is The Question of Dowry and Everything's Arranged. There were eight groups that were suppose to present. The first four groups presented on wednesday and the rest the next Monday.
       Each group had to make a stand on both the stories they have read. The first group had made a clear stand on what they believe is true in both the stories. They were clear in giving their stand and stand on their position with the valid examples which were in the text. Even when some of our classmates shoot them with lots of question, they were confident and explain their stand easily without any hesitation. However, there are some groups who were not very clear with their stand regarding both the stories.
    On Monday, the other  four groups were quite entertaining in giving their stand. All of us in the class were laughing listening to their explanation. Some were having difficulty in explaining their points. However, some of us gave them some support regarding what they were trying to convey. Overall, the presentation was good and we got to exchange a lot of information regarding the dowry system and arranged marriages not only in the Indian culture but also the Malay and Chinese culture too. It was very interesting to know all this.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Akeelah and the bee.

    Last Thusday, me and my coursemates got a chance to watch an English movie titled  " Akeelah and the bee ". The movie was quite entertaining and interesting plus it was educational to me. This story is about Akeelah who is 11 years old girl who has a love for words. Spelling words was a way for her to connect to her father who was killed when she was six. Akeelah is a smart girl but the environment which she was brought up in has been hazardous to her. Responding to a threat by her school's principal, Akeelah participates in a spelling bee to avoid detention for her many absences. Much to her surprise and embarrassment, she wins. Her principal asks her to seek coaching from an English professor named Dr. Larabee for the more prestigious regional bee.
    This movie has touched me in several ways since i have taken this B.Ed TESL course. Now i have realized and become more aware of the roles of educators to educate and mould the students talents and behaviour. I also get to learn how to motivate and encourage students to the best and bring out their hidden talent. This movie has been useful to me because i get to learn how to approach students in a positive way. 
    When I relate this story to the teachers whom I knew in the past, I now realize how my teachers have dedicated their time in bringing the best out of all the students in school. I remember one of my English teachers who was very enthusiastic in teaching us was always encouraging us to take part in contest or competition organized by the school. Besides that, her creative approach in handling students with discipline problems was also good and all the students loved the way she taught us and bring the best out of each and everyone of us. Whenever she entered the classroom, immediately I start having an increased level of confidence in myself which i seldom get.
       After viewing the movie, there are some theoretical lesson that i have learnt. Firstly, i learn how to discipline a student if he or she tends to become rude or sarcastic towards the teacher. When Akeelah wanted to learn from Dr. Larabee, an English professor, she was being a bit ill - mannered, but then he approached her in a very polite  way, without anger and rage to discipline her. I hope I would be able to use this approach in future next time. Besides that, another lesson that I learnt is on how to motivate a student so that he or she doesnt experience low self esteem. In the movie, the professor asks Akeelah to read the quotation on the wall to give her the encouragement to do the best to achieve success. When the teacher is dedicated and gives support to his or her students, it makes a big difference in a students life. That is another lesson that I learnt after viewing this movie.