Thursday, March 10, 2011

Song - What I've Done

 Today  , 10th of March 2011 in class we had done a presentation on the song of our group's choice. My group members presented on the song by Linkin Park which is ' What I've Done". This song depicts the main issue which is the destruction that's happening in the world right now. From the video clip of this song it can be seen that famine and poverty is getting rampant in the poor countries like Africa which leads to helath problems among the children.  Besides , the natural disaster is also seen in the song videoclip. The effects of global warming has lead to the melting of the ice in the North Pole. Besides that, other issues such as pollution and human rights' are also being stressed in this song. Basicly, this song is reminding us of what we have done and the effects of our mistakes which had lead to the destruction of life.

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